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Rock Breakers' hydraulic hammer cutting pavement








Rock Breakers' hydraulic hammer cutting pavement

News - RBI & Service Packs

After nearly 2 years of successful field testing we are proud to introduce the new RBI line of hydraulic breakers. These breakers are designed with both quality and longevity in mind. They feature a slim compact design, with only two moving parts for reliability and ease of maintenance. This hammer is completely field-serviceable and features the "Multi-Fit" system which allows interchangeability between many types of machines. Those of you familiar with hammers like the Huskie will notice this breaker is over 90% the same.

All RBI hammers come complete with a "Service Pack" for ease of installation. The "Service Pack" includes hoses, 2 working bits, tool kit, gas charging kit, and operating manual at no additional charge

Rock Breakers' hydraulic hammer cutting pavement



News - RB500 Hammer

Soon, Rock Breakers Inc. will be introducing the RB500 hammer to the market; this is a 100% clone of the original HH500-2 hammer. Every care has been taken to meet or exceed the quality of the original. This hammer is 90% made and 100% assembled in the USA. These hammers will feature the multi-fit side plates, which allow it to be converted from skid steer, to excavator, or even backhoes with ease. Future plans include the reproduction of other Huskie hammer models like the HH750-2, and a new large hammer line that is sure to be a hit.